What might it be like with delivery drones flying overhead?

The E-Drone project is exploring this using virtual reality (VR) and you are invited to try this out on the Talbot Campus on the 27th and 28th June.


The project is investigating how drone logistic fleets can be successfully integrated and managed to improve customer service, reduce energy demand and also address urban traffic congestion. Part of our work involves helping stakeholders, including the general public, understand the environmental and governance implications of introducing logistics drones. The challenge is helping people envisage logistics drones when this transport future is yet to exist beyond discrete trials. This is where VR comes in.


The project team has created a VR experience to show what delivery drones will look and sound like as they fly over the Talbot Campus. We will be in the space between Dorset House and the Library on Monday 27th 1.30pm onwards and Tuesday 28th 10am onwards. We’re seeking volunteers to try the VR and provide feedback. Please join us by either dropping by or booking a slot by contacting Angela Smith (avsmith@bournemouth.ac.uk).