First FHSS PGR Student Conference

Professor Edwin van Teijlingen

On 6th June the Faculty hosted the first FHSS PGR Student Conference.  The half-day Conference opened with a Keynote presentation in which Professor Edwin van Teijlingen shared his considerable experience of supporting PhD students and highlighting important considerations for students as they progress with their doctoral studies.  Edwin challenged students to not always agree with their supervisors.

The Conference also showcased some of the innovative PGR research happening in the Faculty, with presentations from Cathy Beresford, John Tarrant, Chloe Casey, Peter Philips, Preetee Gokhale, Amanda Hensman-Crook, Paula Shepherd, Christine Vincent and Naomi Purdie.

Cathy Beresford

The Conference was organised by PGR students Tanya Andrewes, Cathy Beresford, Hina Tariq and Helen Allen, with minimal support from the FHSS Doctoral School.  It is hoped that this Conference will become an annual event organised by students with the 2024 Conference being bigger and better than 2023 … the challenge is set.

Massive congratulations to all involve in planning the Conference, to the presenters and to those present who challenged the speakers with interesting questions.