UK Research Integrity Office – Free Subscriber Only Webinar

UKRIO LogoUKRIO has announced details of a forthcoming Free Webinar “Introduction to Research Integrity” on Wednesday 18th October from 10:00 – 11:00 BST. 

The webinar will look at the challenges involved in ensuring that research is high quality and of high ethical standards, discuss the pressures faced by researchers and explore what researchers and organisations can do to safeguard and enhance good research practice.

During the webinar the following will be discussed:

  • How straightforward is it to achieve good research practice?
  • What does ‘good’ research look like and what are the challenges involved?
  • What does a good research environment look like and how can organisational culture help – or harm – research quality?
  • What impact can ‘research culture’ – the environment and ethos of research organisations – have on the quality and ethical standards of research?
  • Do incentives and competition improve the conduct of research or increase mistakes and other problems?

This webinar is aimed at all researchers. 

As BU subscribes to UKRIO services, UKRIO webinars are free and open to anyone who may be interested in research integrity and ethics, good research practice and improving research culture and avoiding misconduct.

To register – please click here (takes you to external website).