BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants June 2024 round

The call for the next round of BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants will be opening soon, expected 10th April.

We are welcoming your proposals for the upcoming BA/Leverhulme Small grants call.

The below deadlines will be in place to ensure that the pre-award team can provide all interested academics with optimal support.



28 February 2024



28th Feb – 10th April

Guidance Session

Join us to review the guidance and then start work on your application; Slides will be available after the session on Brightspace.

Work on your proposal-If you need help, speak to RDS for support and to your peers/mentors, organise your team, start a Flexi-Grant account, start an application in the system. Once ready, submit your ITB and also your draft proposal to RDS

10th April 2024 Call Opens

10th April 2024



10th -24th April

Latest date to submit your ITB   

Remember to advise your referee that you will be sending them your completed application on Flexi-Grant and that their expected statement to be submitted by the 24th May


Internal Peer review taking place

24th April 2024 If you are Grade 8 or below and you wish to use the support of an External Application Reviewer (EAR), you must submit your quality approved by the Faculty draft application to RDS by this date.
24th May 2024 Nominated referee supporting statement to be completed via Flexi-Grant
24th May 2024 Your final application must be submitted on Flexi-Grant  by this date at the latest.

Click ‘submit’ and the form will be sent to BU’s accounts for RDS checks.

24th May – 5th June 2024 Institutional checks to take place by RDS and final submissions.


If you have any queries, please contact Eva Papadopoulou or your Funding Development Officer.