Research Leadership training:  Leading the Development of a Project for Funding

Research Leadership:  Leading the Development of a Project for Funding

Monday, 11/03/24, 13.00-15.00

We are all told to bid, to ensure that bidding for research funding is a normal part of academic life. This is especially the case for those in, or moving into, research leadership roles. But, where and how do you start? What are the key points to consider? How do you develop competitive ideas and what are the key ingredients in developing a bid? In this session we draw on the expertise of an external consultant, Dr Stephen Kemp, and BU’s Professor Michael Silk to explore the key elements to consider when thinking about leading the development of a project for funding. Particular emphasis will be based on:

  • Demystifying bidding, research leadership & project development through the lens of funding applications: developing research questions, choosing partners, incorporating impact and more
  • The key ingredients for (and the ‘balancing act’ of) leading the development of a project for funding
  • The lived experience (and successes and failures, challenges and benefits) of leading the development of a funded project (at BU!)
  • Using the RASCI matrix and GANTT charts

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