TechFusion Summit – i3 Simulations (9th -10th May 2024)

The Centre for Applied Creative Technologies CfACTs and CfACTs+ teams participated in the “TechFusion Summit – i3 Simulations” hosted at MergeXR Studio in Luton. The event buzzed with innovation, creativity, and networking, illustrating how AI, XR, and haptics enable clinicians to develop muscle memory and improve decision-making through virtual simulations. The summit drew in prominent industry partners, universities, Bollywood actors, film producers, and professionals.

The summit was the exploration of content creation using VFX-quality 3D scans performed on-site. These scans were processed and showcased in captivating aged and de-aged versions of Maddy, showcasing our distinctive ability to extend Hollywood-quality VFX on a global scale for various mediums such as movies, TV series, games, and beyond. i3 Simulations is in close collaboration with BU on the CfACT+ project and has jointly co-funded two PhD projects.

Professor Jian Chang presented a talk titled “What’s Next for VFX,” delving into the evolution of visual effects, emerging technologies, and recent breakthroughs in the industry. He emphasized the NCCA’s dedication to innovation and provided insights into ongoing projects at CfACTs and CfACTs+.

Devi Kolli (Chief Executive Officer of i3simulations) at BU NCCA booth


Postdoctoral research fellow Dr. Nikolai Rusnachenko showcased his work on “Marking Medical Image Reports Automatically with Natural Language Processing (NLP-MMI)”. His project aims to create an automatic pipeline for clinical report generation. The primary focus is on developing NLP tools for image captioning, analyzing detected (anomalous and non-anomalous) image segments, identifying patterns, and evaluating the accuracy of narratives. This system will provide valuable feedback for trainees, helping them assess their skills and enhance their learning across various anatomical regions and disease conditions.

Also at the Summit, postdoctoral research fellow Dr. Anil Bas showcased his research on advanced rendering pipelines for 3D face and head models, which are gaining popularity in digital entertainment, gaming, and interactive media. His project tackles the limitations of current 3D facial reconstruction and rendering techniques, aiming to achieve cost, energy, and environmental savings in virtual production and 3D scanning technologies.

Dr Ehtzaz Chaudhry and Kavisha Jayathunge also engaged with the audience, showcasing the NCCA undergraduate, postgraduate, and MSc AIM student showreel at the BU NCCA booth.

CfACTs is co-funded by European Union Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 900025, Bournemouth University and Industry Partners.

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