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Research Data Management Workshop 27th March 2019 2-4pm

With many institutions and funders now requiring researchers to publish and share data generated from research projects, data management is becoming an increasingly important part of the research process. To help colleagues learn more about how to manage and share their research data, Library and Learning Support will be running a workshop on the 27th of March 2-4pm.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • The data lifecycle
  • How to create a data management plan
  • How to document and license your data for re-use
  • How to archive and share your data by depositing it in BORDaR

Details about how to book a place on this session can be found here

New Year – New Faculty Research Data Champions

Researchers in each Faculty can now benefit from the support of dedicated Faculty Research Data Champions. The new Research Data Champions will be able to offer advice and guidance about best practice in all areas of Research Data Management.


The new Faculty Research Data Champions in each Faculty are:

Faculty of Management – Professor Janet Dickinson

Faculty of Science and Technology – Dr Phillipa Gillingham

Faculty of Science and Technology – Dr Sally Reynolds

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences – Dr Sharon Docherty

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences – Dr Michele Board

Faculty of Media and Communication – TBC


If you are doing a research project, go and say hello to your Faculty Research Data Champion and see what useful tips they can give you to help you with managing your data.

Further information about good practice in managing Research Data can be found in our guide here