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Digital Marketing Colloquium 2024-Submission Deadline 15/02/2024

We are extremely excited to announce that digital marketing research group (Department of Marketing, Strategy and Innovation) is organising its first digital marketing colloquium on Tuesday 19th – Wednesday 20th March 2024 at the Bournemouth University Business School. 

This colloquium will bring together leading researchers and practitioners to discuss and visualise the future of strategic and operational marketing. Both technology advancements and marketing developments will be explored, co-creating future innovations for collaboration and solutions. The aim is to draw in forward-thinking research on crucial subjects that have an impact on consumers, businesses, and society as a whole. Participants will be encouraged to stimulate fresh perspectives and explore uncharted territories.   

This is an multi and inter-disciplinary event, scope of which covers the following indicative areas:  

  • Digital business process reengineering 
  • Digital consumption, behaviour, attitudes, and decision-making 
  • Digital ecosystems: strategies and operations 
  • Digital Twins  
  • Virtual Real Estate  
  • Enhanced social web3, virtual and hybrid interactions  
  • AI in Business and Industry 
  • Predictive analytics 
  • Machine Learning and Algorithms  
  • AI Supply chain optimisation 
  • AI based Customer Relationship Management 
  • Virtual experiences  
  • Designing immersive and illusive experience in the Metaverse and Web3 
  • Interactive and engaging user experiences  
  • Gamification and serious gaming  
  • Business models and opportunities  
  • Future of Work  
  • Education, training and adaptive learning 
  • Creativity and design in AI  
  • Blockchains and smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, NFTs  
  • Digital Identity: opportunities and challenges  
  • CyberSecurity and customer experience  
  • Wearable technology  
  • Human-robot interaction 
  • Robotics and Automation design 
  • Robot based services  
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants  
  • Autonomous vehicles and drones 
  • Environment, climate, energy optimization and sustainability  
  • Ethical, legal and social implications  
  • Health and wellbeing.  

 We welcome submissions in the form of abstracts for presentations, posters and workshop proposals. Workshop proposals are an interesting element we wish you to consider – workshops are meant to run a related to Colloquium theme interactive session on a specific topic to stimulate participants to co-create future scenarios or solutions, work interactively on an emerging topic and exchange ideas. Please see the detailed Call for Papers attached here.  Deadline for all submissions is 15th Feb 2024 and abstracts for presentations and posters as well as workshop proposals can be submitted by clicking here   

We will keep you in the loop about further developments on this colloquium and will share all the links for submission systems soon. Watch this space and save the date 😊 

Digital Marketing Colloquium 2024 Organising Committee