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How does the UK do in FP7?

A report recently released by the EC gives facts and figures on participation in FP7, including participant patterns, proposal evaluation assessments, success rates and review times. There is also a special section on Marie Curie actions and an outline of the top university and industry partners.
Highlights are that under FP7 funding 10, 524 grant agreements have been signed (involving 58, 945 participants), totalling a whopping 18.5 billion Euros.

The UK does well in FP7, representing 13 of the top 50 academic participants, featuring in the top 20 research organisations who participated and 4 of the top 50 industry partners in FP7 are from the UK. In terms of the amount of funding awarded in successful applications, the UK shows we’re not shy in asking for money, ranking second out of the 27 EU Member States.