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Writing competitive proposals event (London)

The Training Gateway is offering a ‘Total Proposals’ workshop in London on 15 June 2011.

Course overview:
Success depends on delivering a winning proposal – a strong selling document which the client will want to buy.  The seminar gives institutions not only the practical tools of proposal preparation, such as bidding plans and checklists, but also shows a range of winning techniques and “selling” devices that will positively differentiate your proposal from those of your competitors.

Attendees will:
– Refresh their approaches to the preparation of proposals
– Acquire new presentation techniques
– See how to give proposals a competitive edge
– Learn how to maximise the evaluation scoring of proposals.

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone involved in writing competitive proposals for research and enterprise funding!

Further information, including the booking form, can be found here.

Want tips on how to write a successful proposal? come to our session!

on May 11th 2011 Dr Martin Pickard, a specialist in writing and supporting research proposals from GrantCraft, will be visiting us to offer advice on how to write a successful funding proposal and much more! Four sessions covering different topics will be held on the day and you can attend as many or as few as you wish. To read more detail about each session and to reserve your free space, see our GrantCraft Research Workshop Day Event Page.