Research Themes – Culture and Society meeting

Prof Barry Richards, Media School, is convening a meeting of interested people to explore whether there is sufficient common ground for a meaningful Culture and Society theme to be defined.

If you are interested in attending please could you let Barry know by email ( which of the times below would be most convenient (or register interest if neither time is possible for you). Dr Rosie Read, Health and Social Care, has drafted a possible prospectus for such a theme, as a starting point for discussion, which is available via the Research Themes section of the Blog (you can access it here).

The options for the meeting are:
9.30 Friday 24th June
1.00 Monday 27th June

10 Responses to “Research Themes – Culture and Society meeting”

  1. Holger Schutkowski

    There is also a proposal posted by Kate Welham, Applied Sciences, for a different take on the theme (in response to Barry’s initial comment). The key to this theme is that it needs to be owned widely, as it has quite a number of facets that can be credibly covered by various research groups across BU.

    • Holger Schutkowski

      Either is fine – do you have a suitable seminar room, Rosie?

  2. Rosie Read

    Happy to book a room at Lansdowne, or come to Talbot if that’s easier for everybody else. I’m at Lansdowne but I think most other commmentators on this theme are at Talbot. What do others think? Let me know.

    • Mark Maltby

      I can also make a Monday meeting – Talbot Campus would be better for me (but not essential)

  3. Carrie Hodges

    I am very keen to be involved in the conversation; however, I’m required to attend an Exam Board between 1pm and 5pm on Monday 27th.

  4. Rosie Read

    Shall we say Monday at 1.30pm then? That looks like the date and time that most can make, and we can feed back to and involve anyone who can’t make this time. Barry – would you be happy to book a room at Talbot?