Why Gantt is good

We owe the the Gantt chart to mechanical engineer, management consultant and industry advisor Henry Gantt (1861 – 1919).   He developed his chart as a visual tool to show scheduled and actual progress of projects.  

Like Henry, we too favour Gantt charts and like to see them in funding proposals.  This is because a Gantt chart is an effective method of presenting to the funder a clear idea of:

  • time-frame
  • inputs
  • key activities
  • mapping of resources

How do you create a Gantt chart?  The best advice we have seen is at the useful Research Whisperer blog, where they list 5 steps to creating your very own Gantt Chart in the post ‘How to make a simple Gantt chart’. 

For more information about Gantt charts or to find out how RPRS can support your proposal development please contact Caroline O’Kane.

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