We have a Draft Copy of the FP7 Nanotechnologies Work Programme!

I’ve managed to obtain a draft version of the FP7  NMP Work Programme which features the calls for proposals to be released in 2012. This is just a draft and therefore subject to change but it gives you a great idea as to what the European Commission are looking to fund. The Work Programme is a tedious read so I’ve summarised the info on funding in there for you; the aim of the call etc. I have bookmarked the document so you can jump straight to the call that interests you from the front page.

As this document is highly confidential I have placed it on our I drive; it is strictly forbidden to circulate this outside of BU! I:\R&KEO\Public\RDU\Draft Work Programmes for 2012-13

There are also the drafts for Environment, Health, ICT and Food, Agriculture, Fisheries & Biotechnology in there too which I’ve blogged about previously.
The final official version of the Work Programmes aren’t released until July 2012 so this gives you a fantastic head start to preparing a submission.

I will summarise the other themes as soon as I get the drafts through so keep your eyes peeled on this blog for them!

2 Responses to “We have a Draft Copy of the FP7 Nanotechnologies Work Programme!”

  1. corrina

    anyone thinking of applying for this may like to get in touch with Stuart Allen at BU who is also interested 🙂