Health, Wellbeing and Ageing – First Community Meeting

Dear all,      

Our first community meeting will be held on March 7th 10am – 1pm at the EBC, third floor. This is everyone’s opportunity to shape and frame the direction of the theme and therefore I would like to actively encourage everyone to attend.

I would also like to extend this invitation to all the post-grad students who have signed up; your input will be most valuable.

We have a lovely lunch booked

There are some key questions that we need to answer:


  •  Why it is important to society?


  • What BU has done to make improvements in this area?


  • What expertise and knowledge BU can provide for future collaborators, commercial partners, etc?


Your feedback would be really helpful and if you could email me your comments that would be brilliant:

With many thanks and see you in March,

 Heather, Edwin, Holgar and Carol