Leisure and Recreation Theme Meeting up

In order to further develop some of the ideas that are driving the Leisure and Recreation Theme we are arranging to get together at 11am on Wed 23 May in TAG 02. 

The sort of things that we are currently exploring is: 

  • Hosting the Leisure Studies Association Conference. (Lead member of staff Dr Ian Jones).
  • Hosting the AEM conference 2013, (lead member of staff Dr Julie Whitfield).
  • Bidding for an ESRC seminar series.
  • Investigating the current government initiative relating to Healthy Leisure.
  • Establishing a Healthy Leisure, Healthy Living Research Group.
  • Possibly further dividing theme into work groups?
  • Running a seminar series (4-6) in the University, each session on a different aspect of University research relating to the theme.
  • Holding an Internal Research conference looking specifically at Leisure and Recreation, highlighting work across university.
  • Holding an internal PhD student conference or poster conference specifically on Leisure and Recreation highlighting work across University 

All input will be gratefully received, all are invited. Julie Northam will be e-mailing all those who have previously signed up to the Leisure and Recreation Theme to confirm attendance.  If you have not signed up please could you confirm attendance with Julie by e-mail so that we have an idea of numbers.