BRIAN is here

BRIAN has worked hard all weekend and has now imported all data that we hold, as well as information for external data sources.  We will switch on the email alerts at 10.15am today and so the majority of you will receive an alert to tell you that you have publications pending.  There are a few things to note and so please read the rest of this Blog.

Can I ask that you all take the time to read through the user guides available on BRIAN?  These can be found in BRIAN and by clicking the ‘help’ button at the top right-hand side of the screen.  Ideally, you should read the full guide before using BRIAN but there is a ‘Quick start guide’ for those with limited time.  Whilst it might seem easier to just send me a quick email, when 300 of you do it, I won’t be able to send you a quick answer.  The user guides are straightforward and should answer all of your questions.

The Grants are still being imported from RED and should be completed this week.  Therefore, you do not need to manually add any BU grants.  However, if you wish to input grants received at previous institutions then you can do this.  Instructions are available in the full user guide.

You can input your keywords into BRIAN.  These aren’t yet linked to the external profile pages but will be resolved shortly.

RDU circulated an email last week to all those who did not have a photo on their academic profile page, and asked these staff to submit a photo if they wanted one to appear on their new profile page.  If you would like to change your existing photo, please ensure that it is between 250 x 250 and 350 x 350 pixels in size and be saved as username.thumbnail.jpg  For consistency these need to be a head and shoulders shot please.  Photos should be sent to

The external profile pages can be found here:  Please note that you do not have to log in.  Just enter your surname (this must be spelt out in full) in the ‘search’ box and press ‘search’.  All graduate students will have a profile on here and so should follow the same instructions as above.  You do not need to click on the ‘graduate student’ link as we have not connected this up yet.

There will be more useful information coming out about BRIAN this week and so keep reading the Blog for the latest news.