BU Centre for Face Processing Disorders featured in the Independent

Bournemouth University’s new Centre for Face Processing Disorders (supported by HEIF and Fusion funds) was recently featured in an article in the Independent newspaper,  together with quotes from BU’s Dr Sarah Bate.

Sarah’s work to date has explored the cognitive presentation and treatment of face processing deficits in adults and children with a range of neuropsychological conditions, such as developmental or acquired prosopagnosia (face blindness), autistic spectrum disorder, and Moebius syndrome.  The Face Centre was launched in response to the large amount of media attention generated by Sarah’s research.  After Sarah’s work was featured in The Guardian newspaper and in a BBC1 documentary last year, she has been contacted by over 700 people who believe they have prosopagnosia and would like to participate in her research.  Given that most investigations into prosopagnosia to date have examined relatively small numbers of cases, Sarah now has the unique opportunity to develop large-scale academic and societal impact by having the resources to test this large patient group.

You can read the full article in the Independent here.

Follow the events in the Centre on their webpage or via Twitter (@BUfacecentre).

One Response to “BU Centre for Face Processing Disorders featured in the Independent”

  1. celia dodson

    i would also like to be part of your studies. i was in a car accident 7yrs ago, and from that time i have unable to recognise myself in a mirror or a reflection and i have no mental picture of what i look like . also i had difficulty with my husband and daughter faces although those are alittle better as long as i see them often. as you can image it has been very distressing at times i have thought i am going mad, no one seems to understand this condition. could you please help me or tell me how to get better.thank you