Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust – call for proposals

What is the Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust?   The Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of disease and the care of the sick and the disadvantaged.  The Charity makes grants to numerous charitable causes throughout the United Kingdom in support of medical research, medicine generally and charities engaged in humanitarian work.

What is the call?    To mark the 50th anniversary of the Trust’s founding by Sir Jules Thorn, the Trustees have decided to hold a competition for a substantial capital grant in support of translational research. Submissions have been invited from universities and from within the NHS.   

The criteria are set out in the “Call for Applications guidelines.

Process for submission

The Trust are looking for one proposal per institution.  With this in mind BU has established a process for submissions to this call. All proposals must be submitted to a special version of our internal peer review scheme (the RPRS) first and must be signed off by Matthew Bennett as PVC (Research, Enterprise and Internationalisation) prior to submission.

Applicants will initially submit a one-page outline, which will be assessed by our panel of reviewers.  Based on feedback from the panel, applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal, which will also be assessed by the panel.  Final proposals will be sent to our PVC for his assessment and final approval over which proposal will be submitted to the Trust.

Key dates and deadlines

5th Oct – One page outlines submitted to the RPRS and sent for review

15th Oct – Panel feedback returned to applicants

 9th Nov – Full proposals submitted to the RPRS and sent for review

19th Nov – Applicants to finalise proposals based on revewier feedback

30th Nov – Proposals sent to PVC for review and approval

1st Dec – 31st Dec – Selected applicant finalised proposal based on PVC comments

14th Dec  – Final date for costings

31st Dec – Proposal submitted to Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust

 Would you like to apply?

 You can access the outline application form  by clicking here:  One page application form

All applications will need to be accompanied by your line manager (or equivalent) approval. Please forward an email with that approval to by the submission date.

If you have any questions about this call or the Resarch Proposal Review Service please contact Caroline O’Kane