Book now for the multidisciplinary Sandpit at BU!

Sandpits provide an intensive, interactive and free-thinking environment. A group of participants from a range of disciplines and backgrounds use this space to get together to become immersed in a collaborative thinking processes in order to construct innovative approaches to issues or questions. As sandpits involve diverse participants, they force catalysation, collision and collaboration which produces unique and innovative outputs and fosters new partnerships.

BU academics such as Adele Ladkin and Janet Dickinson have participated in EPSRC sandpits and are fans of this approach and for the experience it provides. To help BU staff start to develop relationships with staff from other disciplines and to get a taster of a sandpit, Julie Northam, myself and expert bid writer Dr Martin Pickard of GrantCraft are facilitating sandpits at BU. The first focuses on Lifelong Heath and Wellbeing and is aligned with the , three 1-Research Council UK cross-thematic areas and is taking place 10-3 on 24.10.12

Attending this sandpit will:

  • facilitate you networking with other researchers across BU who you wouldn’t normally come in to contact with
  • allow you to get a fresh perspective from a different discipline on the same issue
  • enable you to be part of a multidisciplinary team who potentially bids for Research Council funding
  • give you a truly unique experience

Spaces are limited for the sandpits to ensure they are effective; you can register for a place on the Staff Development website.