Research Seminar from Creative Technology Research Centre, DEC

Date:  Wed, 5/12/2012

Time: 14:00

Venue: P302 (Poole House)

Topic: Animation – an Overview and Computer Assisted Technology


Animation production is a labor intensive and time consuming process. Animators have to spend hours at the drawing board tracing, sketching, and coloring each frame. The labor intensive nature of the work has resulted in much of the outsource market shifting from developed countries such as UK and Japan to developing countries where wages and living standards are lower. To tackle the difficulties and challenges mentioned above, in this presentation some novel technologies to automatically generate motion will be discussed, aiming to significantly cut down production time and cost. Apart from the technical aspects, during the presentation, I will also briefly talk about the UK, Japan and the global animation industry. Some of my current animation or game related research projects will be shared as well.


Dr Tian is an Associate Professor in Media Technology in the School of Design, Engineering & Computing (DEC), Bournemouth University. He has been working for years, in the areas of Computer Graphics, Computer Animation, Augmented Reality, etc., and has published well over 50 papers in peer reviewed international journals and conferences. Prior to joining in Bournemouth University, he was an assistant professor in the School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. As a visiting scholar, he has been attached or collaborating with a number of universities, including Paris University XI, France, New South-Wales University, Australia, LSiiT, Louis Pasteur University, France, MIT, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, Waseda University, Japan, etc.