Research Seminar organized by Creative Technology Research Centre

Date:  Wed, 30/01/2013

Time: 14:00

Venue: P302 (Poole House)

Speaker: Karsten Pedersen

Title: Platform Agnostic Game Development


With the recent explosion of new devices, platforms and programming languages now entering the technology landscape, writing  cross platform and portable code is becoming increasingly relevant within the entertainment industry. This is because in order for a game to reach out to as many players as possible, the software will need to be ported to a large number of different devices the players are now potentially using. Whether this is an Android tablet, an iPhone or a desktop computer running a multitude of operating systems, the challenge of multi-platform deployment remains a huge contemporary issue.

Research is undertaken at 4T2 Multimedia in collaboration with Bournemouth University to look into different approaches to target all of these platforms, not only in cross platform manner but also with an aim of being platform agnostic where the same game plug into different APIs and engines such as OpenGL and Unity without changing the architecture or rewriting large portions of the game specific logic.