The enormous benefits of becoming an EC Horizon 2020 Advisory Panel member

Most of you will have heard me say before that the best way to influence what the European Commission will fund is by being involved in their advisory groups.

Joining an advisory group will not allow you to influence what funding is released under Horizon 2020 but you will have the chance to network with others from across Europe, leading to a host of potential collaborators. This is an especially attractive prospect when you consider that advisory group members are permitted to apply to any funding scheme they wish (so you have a ready consortium for the calls!).

There is a call for Horizon 2020 Advisory Group members out right now and it couldn’t be easier to join. The form is mainly your personal details and a couple of boxes for your qualifications and experience; it is less than 4 pages. You also get to select the Advisory Panel of interest to you (from health and wellbeing to clean energy) so there really is no reason not to sign up.

Places go quickly so take a look at the full details on the European Commission webpage and get involved.