Fusion Investment funded project – Internationalising Dementia Education and Research

I am delighted to have been awarded funding from the Santander Staff Mobility and Networking strand of the Fusion Investment Fund. The aim of my proposal is to develop networks and collaborative work with colleagues working in dementia related areas in Overseas Santander Partner Universities in Colombia and Chile.

Dementia is becoming a problem of public health in Latin America. Research shows that the prevalence of this condition in Latin American countries is similar to developed countries. However, there is a higher incidence of dementia in fairly young individuals aged from 65-69 years old, which can be a consequence of the link between low educational level and lower cognitive reserve (Nitrini, et.al., 2009). Diagnosis rates in developing countries are lower than in developed countries making access to treatment, care and support more difficult for people with dementia (Alzheimer’s Disease International).

In spite of this, social research in dementia and education in dementia care are still scarce in Latin America. This proposal seeks to contribute in filling this gap through achieving two objectives. The first is to test the ‘Living well with dementia’ course, created and delivered by BUDI in Universidad del Rosario in Colombia with the view of exporting it to other parts of Latin America in the future. The second objective is to develop a collaborative research grant proposal that takes the shape of a comparative study about social/cultural constructions of dementia in the UK and Chile and how such constructions influence public policy and practice relating to dementia and services for people living with dementia and their families.

BU and specifically BUDI’s work in dementia will be disseminated internationally bringing possibilities for sustainable academic collaboration with top universities of Colombia and Chile.

Dr Mariela Gaete Reyes (HSC/BUDI)

4 Responses to “Fusion Investment funded project – Internationalising Dementia Education and Research”

  1. Dr Ceri Higgins

    Hello Mariela
    I would very much like to have a chat with you about your project. I’m based in the Media School and will be around from April 22nd onwards.
    All the best

    • Mariela Gaete-Reyes

      Dear Ceri,

      Many thanks for your message. Yes, let’s meet for a chat about the project when you are around. I will be away in an international meeting from 23th to 26th April, but I will be here after that.

      Best wishes,


    • Mariela Gaete-Reyes

      Many thanks for your message and good wishes for the project. All the best for you too.