Business School and Media School academics bond on road trip to visit Argos!

On the hottest day of the year so far, academics from the Media School and Business School piled into an alarmingly small people carrier (thank goodness for air conditioning!) and set off on a road trip to visit the well-known high street retailer Argos in Milton Keynes. The purpose of the visit was to establish links with BU and to also receive a tour of their new Digital Studio. 

Despite the 300 mile round trip and 7 hours spent in the car, the visit was extremely useful and further engagement should happen as a result. Argos particularly expressed an interest in KTPs, student placements and bespoke training for their staff.

 Even though it was a long day and a bit of a squeeze in the car, it was acknowledged by the academics that it was a great opportunity to find out what each other’s schools are up to! They welcomed the opportunity to build relationships, which hopefully will now lead to future collaboration between the two.