BU researcher in most-cited lists of world’s top two journalism journals

Media School scholar, Dr An Nguyen, has been featured among the most-cited authors in both of the world’s top journals in journalism studies, according to the latest data from Google Scholar Metrics. 

 Dr Nguyen has two sole-authored articles — both on the diffusion and impact of of online news — that are among the most cited papers of Journalism Studies and  Journalism, the only two journalism journals in Google Scholar’s top 20 communication journals.

 Google Scholar Metrics, which aims to help scholars to assess the visibility of journals and to consider where to publish, ranks journals according to their recent citations. The 2013 data were based on citations during the five full years between 2008 and 2012. 

 They cover eight broad areas of research: Business, Economics & Management; Chemical & Material Sciences, Engineering & Computing Science; Health & Medical Sciences; Humanities, Literature and Arts; Life Sciences and Earth Sciences; Physics & Mathematics; and Social Sciences. Each broad area is divided into a good number of sub-categories, each featured with its top 20 journals. 

 Journalism Studies and Journalism ranks 6th and 16th in the sub-category of Communication Studies. The former also stands at 12th in the broad field of Humanities, Literature & Arts. 

 An Nguyen joined BU in 2011 from the University of Sussex, where he headed its journalism programmes. His main research interests include online journalism, news audiences and citizenship,  science journalism, and the globalisation of news. 

 For further information on Google Scholar Metrics, visit http://scholar.google.com/intl/en/scholar/metrics.html.