‘I just don’t have time’: How to improve your work life balance, prioritisation skills and time management

This is a phrase I hear most often at work – we all have increasing pressures and often struggle to be as effective as possible in a shorter period of time to ensure we have a healthy work-life balance.

We have hired the services of an external facilitator to offer support in this for academic staff as part of the BRAD programme. Dr Margaret Collins has a 20+ year academic career background and uses her experience and subsequent training in theories such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming to deliver advice on how to increase personal effectiveness in these areas.

When I undertook the CROS and PIRLS surveys with staff back in the Summer and when consulting on what sessions would be most valuable for our academic community via the blog, the recurrent theme was better time management to improve work life balance.

You sometimes have to invest a little time to free up more later on – the session on Weds 16th October 1-5 on Talbot campus is a worthwhile investment. There are limited spaces so please do ensure you get one by booking on the Organisational and Staff Development webpages.

6 Responses to “‘I just don’t have time’: How to improve your work life balance, prioritisation skills and time management”

  1. Luisa Cescutti-Butler

    I have attended this workshop facilitated by Margaret in the past and it offers extremely valuable tips on how to manage one’s time etc. Might I make the suggestion that all staff attend (mandatory!!!) so we can all be mindful of each other and tolerant when we ‘use’ the tactics as suggested by this workshop. Just saying…..

  2. Corrina Lailla Osborne

    Hi Edwin, this session was advertised with all of the other BRAD ones from early Sept on the blog and our BU Staff Dev webpages and and has been featured on the portal.
    Its good feedback to know that none of these have reached you until now and I will explore other methods of dissemination for future sessions. Any suggestions welcome!

  3. Trevor Hearing

    Will you be repeating this session at a less busy time of year?

  4. corrina

    Hi Trevor,

    Sadly this was the only date we could secure so it is unlikely it will be repeated. I will request for future sessions that the date be held at a different time of the year if that is helpful. What months are better?

    best wishes