Augmented Reality Gaming: A New Paradigm for Tourist Experience?

Our next Creative Technology Research Centre Research Seminar will be presented by Jessika Weber.

Title: Augmented Reality Gaming: A New Paradigm for Tourist Experience?”

Date: Wednesday 4th December 2013

Time: 2 – 3PM

Venue: P302 LT

Abstract:  Location-based Augmented Reality (AR) Games are an innovative way to attract tourists into challenges and interactive gameplay while they are exploring an urban destination or cultural heritage site.  The aim of AR games is to create a deeper level of engagement with the destination by adding a game experience that educates through fun using location-based storytelling, personalised features, and social interaction.  The player location and the context of playing are important dimensions in location-based AR Gameplay.  However, little is known by game designers on how to design location-based Augmented Reality Games in the context of tourism.  This study uses the construct of presence throughout AR gameplay using historical facts and information about a destination and combining them into an interactive engaging gaming experience for tourists.