Erasmus Mundus call released

Erasmus+ is the EU’s largest programme of support for education and training worth a mega €14.7bn. Projects usually run 2-3 years and they all have the aim of  improving the level of key competencies and skills, improving the innovation and internationalisatoon of education and supporting the modernisation of education and training.

There are 11 programmes of funding available:

  1. Asylum & Migration: People flows and management of migration
  2. Creative Europe: Support for European cinema and the cultural and creative sectors
  3. EaSI: Programme for social change and innovation
  4. Erasmus+: Programme for education, training, youth and sport
  5. Europe for Citizens: Strengthen remembrance and enhance capacity for civic participation at Union level
  6. Health for Growth: Improving the quality, efficiency and sustainability of health systems
  7. Internal Security Fund: Support for the EU’s Internal Security Strategy
  8. Justice: Ensuring proper access to justice in cross-border legal cases
  9. COSME: Improving the business environment and the competitiveness of European enterprises.
  10. LIFE: Environmental and climate change action projects
  11. Rights, Equality & Citizenship: Promote the rights deriving from European citizen

The most generically applicable programme sunder the new organisation for BU staff is the Erasmus Mundus programme which is now found under Erasmus+ under :

  • Key Action 1 ‘Learning Mobility of Individuals’
  • Key Action 2 ‘Cooperation for Innovation & Exchange of Good Practice’

If you wish to make an Erasmus Mundus Action 2 submission, please get in touch with Paul Lynch or Sarah Katon a minimum of 5 weeks before the deadline of 3 March 2014 as Partners must be reviewed as part of our internal processes.