Pedagogic fusion bids

Dear colleagues

Following the launch of the Centre for Excellence in Learning on April 4th, I am pleased to invite colleagues to apply for a pedagogic specific round of fusion investment funding. The projects are a mixture of fair access and CEL themes with the opportunity to bid for a total of 8 projects. The timescale is tight as the money must be spent before the end of July 2014, although the project activity can carry on beyond that. Submission of bids needs to be by 12.00 on May 2nd so the awards can be made by mid-May. For briefing on the scope of the projects and application form, please go to

 I hope to see interest in this opportunity as it is an important demonstration of the value placed by BU on education development, innovation and research.


Professor B. Gail Thomas

Director of CEL & Dean of HSC

Bournemouth University