Teach@BU – HEA Fellowships 2014

As a result of the Teach@BU pilot, the following HEA fellowships have been awarded:


Mary-Beth Gouthro, ST

Hanaa Osmann, ST

Senior Fellow

Anya Chapman, ST

Bethan Collins, HSC

Fiona Cownie, MS

Jill Davey, HSC

Anita Diaz, SciTech

Crispin Farbrother, ST

Karen Fowler- Watt, MS

Gill Jordan, HSC

Kevin McGhee, SciTech

Colin Paterson, HSC

Louise Preget, BS

Janet Scammell, HSC

Ben Thomas, SciTech

Christa Van Raalte, MS

Sara White, HSC

Principal Fellow

Elizabeth Rosser, HSC

Chris Shiel, SciTech

Gail Thomas, HSC

One Response to “Teach@BU – HEA Fellowships 2014”

  1. Chris Shiel

    Interesting that the list is largely female – worthy of exploration? Important also to understand as we develop an approach based around Fusion?