Fusion Investment Fund: Millennium Development Goal Fusion of Ideas Update!

Back in February, Bournemouth University hosted an international conference thanks to the Fusion Investment Fund awarded to Vanora Hundley, Edwin van Teijingen, and Zoë Sheppard. It brought together clinicians, academics, policy makers, students, and other stakeholders to help set the future global midwifery agenda post the Millennium Development Goals.

A smaller follow-up meeting took place in June. The two days were spent discussing arising research ideas from the conference and collaborative funding opportunities to take forward. These networking events have indeed led to a number of outcomes including important local, national, and international links; collaborative publications in progress; a potential research programme; increased media coverage for the University; and the showcasing of students’ work thereby fusing research, education, policy and practice. These important outcomes will help ensure that midwifery continues to be on the global political agenda and raise the international profile of the University.