CEMP Media Education Summit makes national TV news in Czech Republic

CEMP’s annual Media Education Summit is taking place at the Goethe Institut in Prague this year and, yesterday, made the national news.

You can see the item here (it starts at 11:50): http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/ivysilani/10101491767-studio-ct24/214411058321120

It features an interview with the co-organiser, Jan Jirak, from the Metropolitan University of Prague, who comments that, until now all of the CEMP summits have taken place in England – “This is the first time the summit has been abroad. It is a great honour for us that they chose the Czech Republic, and that they invited the Goethe Institut and Metropolitan University to co-organise the event.”

It’s all in Czech, of course, but you’ll see some familiar faces from the conference footage!