‘Prosperous Dorset’ Business Consultation

Mark Painter, Centre for Entrepreneurship Manager, was invited by the DCCI to participate in a business consultation with the Dorset local authorities focussing on economic development.

Dorset’s nine councils are looking to promote economic growth and cooperation by working together differently and are inviting businesses and stakeholders to have their say.

All of Dorset’s councils believe economic development is a priority. Council leaders have agreed that it makes sense to review whether or not their combined governance in the field of economic development and transport strategy could be improved. This would cover such things as how decisions are made on overall priorities. Separate to this, councils are also considering bringing together in one team some of the staff involved in providing the economic development and transport services.

The Councils asked the DCCI to be engaged in the consultation who invited their Business Partners to a dedicated Business Partner consultation with senior representatives of the local authorities in the area covered by Dorset County Council and Bournemouth and Poole Unitary Councils.

Mark Painter said, ‘I was delighted to have been invited to this consultation and enable Bournemouth University to contribute to this important discussion around key issues and opportunities in the local economy.’

Further details can be found at www.dorsetforyou.com/prosperous-dorset