Working with VeggieEAT

Olivia Magnante, Undergraduate Student

I worked alongside Heather Hartwell and Veggieat to conduct my research for my dissertation project, which proved to be a great and interesting experience .  Veggieat is a European project so it was quite unique to be able to be part of such a large scale project for my dissertation, as it would have been impossible for me to organise and conduct the same research without the help of Heather. This was not only a great experience, but it allowed me to gather really interesting and in depth results to discuss within my dissertation, as well as obtain a substantially larger sample size.

It was exciting to be working alongside so many researchers and for the time that I assisted, I was not seen as a “helper” or a “volunteer”, but as a researcher doing the same work and input as others which was also really important. Most importantly though, it was an enjoyable way to conduct research. Many people do not have the resources or time to conduct research on this scale so it was great to have the opportunity to be a part of something a bit different. I feel this gave me a really good set of results which can give you the basis of an interesting discussion. As a final year it is really important to try and strive to achieve what you want, and the dissertation is a good example of how continuous hard work can pay off.