‘Sharing best practice for delivering excellence in nutrition and dignity in dementia care’

Last Wednesday 25th November, we hosted our project conference to the best part of 100 delegates  entitled ‘Sharing best practice for delivering excellence in nutrition and dignity in dementia care’ at the Captain’s Club Hotel in Christchurch. We were delighted to listen to an inspiring presentation from Dame Christine Beasley, Trustee from The Burdett Trust for Nursing and would like to offer our sincere thanks for the generous support of The Burdett Trust for the project. We were lucky to have Hilda Hayo, Chief Admiral Nurse, Dementia UK as our keynote speaker who delivered an excellent presentation on the role of Admiral Nurses working with people living with dementia and some of the key nutritional issues encountered. A panel of engaging and thought-provoking presentations were provided by colleagues Dr Michele Board, Dr Janet Scammell around person-centred care and the importance of knowing the person and Professor Keith Brown around empowering staff to deliver organisational leadership.


Dr Jane Murphy and Joanne Holmes presented the project findings to reveal a number of insightful and innovative ways in which the nutritional and hydration needs of people living with dementia can be better supported. To illustrate the study findings and the relationship between sensory perception and memory, Malcolm Burgin, Alive Activities Ltd,  invited the audience to participate in a number of sensory activities, demonstrating the powerful effects smell and touch can evoke in triggering memories and associated experiences.


Katie Bennett, Partners in Care and Dr Jane Murphy​ introduced the first open viewing of our training film and workbook made during the project and were delighted by the enthusiastic response received to both! Finally the afternoon was eloquently rounded off and brought to a close by Councillor and former Leader of Poole Borough Council, Elaine Atkinson OBE who provided a powerful presentation reiterating the importance of research to improving the delivery of nutritional care for those living with dementia, the key to success through partnership working and above all the next steps for implementation. The work doesn’t stop here!


We very pleased by the very positive and very supportive comments received, a few of which are pasted below. We would like offer a huge thank you to everyone involved for making the Conference such a lively, engaging and enormously successful day!

Conference presentation: 25th November

“Excellent day, great speakers one of the best Conferences I have been to. Fantastic video-so powerful and so true.”

“Great tools to improve practitioners approach to individuals with dementia and improving their experience of life and food.”

“This has been a great day and has made me look at nutrition from a different angle.”

“Loved the focus on the person-centred approach as this is a long held passion of mine… Found the expert lecturers very motivating and appreciated their understanding of the real world.”

“I thought the film was excellent-really helpful practical advice and a very professional production. Emphasis on the residents ‘back stories’ is really helpful too.”

“Excellent video…I can’t wait to try and implement some of this.. Today has been very informative-Thank you!”

Hilda Hayo, Chief Admiral Nurse with Joanne Holme