Dementia Institute at Alzheimer Europe in Copenhagen, Denmark

Prof Jane Murphy, Joanne Holmes, Dr Michelle Heward, Ben Hicks and Sophie Bushell attended the 26th Annual Conference of Alzheimer Europe which took place in Copenhagen, Denmark from 31 October to 2 November 2016.

This years conference theme was ‘excellence in dementia research and care’, and addressed numerous aspects of developing a dementia-friendly society, exploring the challenges concerning excellence in diagnosis, medical treatment and research as well as innovative person-centered care related to the progress of the disease and living well with dementia in society.jane-and-joanne

Jane and Joanne presented a poster on their work on ‘Nutrition and dementia care: Developing an evidence-based model for delivering person-centred care in nursing homes. Michelle discussed the findings from a recent project focusing on hospital care in her paper on ‘Promoting excellence in hospital care for people with dementia: a UK case study’. Ben presented a poster on his recent project ‘How does Cage Cricket enhance the perceived life experience of people with dementia and their care partners?’. Sophie presented a paper showcasing her PhD research ‘Improving wellbeing for people with dementia living in a purpose built care environment by introducing self-chosen activities’.