Pre-award Application Timeline & Sample Costs

As part of the pre-award review conducted in early – mid 2015, one of the approved actions was for the RKEO pre-award team to provide the following:

1. Pre-award Application Timeline: to inform you of what happens in the pre-award process and the timeframes required for steps to be followed for internal approvals and costing preparation. The internal legal and finances approvals processes need to be followed to comply with BU’s Financial Regulations. The Quality Approval process aims to bring your funding proposal to the best quality possible in the competitive bidding arena. As these processes involve various parties within BU, this Timeline assists you to understand the timeframes involved for each step so that we can provide you with optimal support.

2. Sample Costs: this provides the base rates of some common costing items and is to assist you to fill in the ‘Costing Information Request’ section of the Intention to Bid (ITB) form. When the ITB form is received by RKEO, your Funding Development Officer will use the base rates you provided to prepare a more accurate costing.

These documents are titled “RKE Application Timeline” and “RKE Sample Costs” – they can be found on the Staff Intranet under the section “Research”.

If you have any queries or have any issues with accessing these documents, please contact your Funding Development Team.