IRW musical extravaganza

Interdisciplinary Research Week music performance:

Who: Emerge music group performanceASeddonTDavisATroisi

When and where: Talbot Campus, Friday, 29th January – 17.30 – 18.30

What: BU’s Emerge Research Centre has a research music performing group, a creative space where each person develops their own instruments and music based on personal research into sound as well as gesture and technology as part of their creative practice.

The experimental music and sound-art event features a soundtrack of electronic atmospheres, noisescapes, pulses and rhythms, tones and drones. It will include an exploration of hardware-hacked devices, simple electronic instruments, data networks and basic sensors to augment and inform laptop improvisations, immersive fixed-media soundscapes and live visuals

Performers include:

David Borgo,
Anna Troisi,
Antonino Chiaramonte,
Rob Canning,
Bill Thompson,
Ambrose Seddon,
Tom Davis,

Visuals by Kavi,

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