Bournemouth Research Chronicle 2016 – now available

Download a copy of the magazine, or view the articles online.

The fifth edition of the Bournemouth Research Chronicle (BRC) is now available.  This year’s edition focuses on interdisciplinary research taking place at Bournemouth University (BU).

The issues facing our society and the world are becoming increasingly complex, requiring solutions that work across disciplines, taking the best thinking and knowledge from a range of subject areas. Here at BU, we encourage our academics to break down barriers and take an interdisciplinary approach to their research, as we believe that by working together we can create the most innovative ideas and solutions.

This year’s Bournemouth Research Chronicle (BRC) is a celebration of our interdisciplinary research. By connecting experts in different fields, we collaborate on interdisciplinary research, the aim of which is to develop novel approaches and innovative schools of thought that can be applied to complex problems. By taking a holistic view of an issue, more rounded solutions can be developed than would have been possible if a societal challenge was examined through the lens of just one discipline.

The new perspectives developed through interdisciplinary research not only help to give a better understanding of some of the complex problems facing our society, but also help to inform both the teaching and professional practice undertaken by our academics. Our blend of teaching, research and professional practice is at the heart of our Fusion strategy which underpins our work and culture at BU. Introducing different disciplines to our teaching helps to give our students a richer understanding of the world and their subject areas.

Inside this year’s BRC, you can read about BU researchers who are working to make a difference to the world around them. Academics in our Faculty of Health and Social Sciences are working to improve orthopaedic practices, while others in the Faculty of Science and Technology are developing reliable sources of renewable energy.

Meanwhile, academics in the Faculty of Media and Communication have been working with a local college for young disabled people to develop the award winning SHIVA project, which enables children with physical disabilities to design and print their own 3D models.  In the Faculty of Management, researchers have been looking at the effects of terrorism on tourism – a very topical issue.

This is but a small sample of the work that goes on in BU every day. The BRC illustrates how Bournemouth University’s researchers are collaborating and working across subject areas to develop interdisciplinary research projects that are making a real difference to the world.

Download a copy of the magazine, or view the articles online.