NERC_ Oil and gas decommissioning brokerage event

As part of the Oil and Gas Innovation Programme, NERC invites applicants to participate in a one-day interactive brokerage event on decommissioning and its environmental management, with the ultimate aim of funding research translation projects which address industry challenges related to:

  • Development of environmental baselines and innovative monitoring techniques and approaches.
  • Data management, sharing, access and collaboration.
  • Impact of man-made structures on the natural environment and options for decommissioning.

Following the event, £850k will be available for research translation projects. Participants will have the opportunity to develop and submit a research translation project proposal through Je-S. Proposals will only be accepted from those who have participated in the brokerage event.

Further information is included in the announcement of opportunity below:

Announcement of opportunity (PDF, 763KB)

Deadline for applications Monday 6th June at 16:00