Centre for Qualitative Research Summer Surgery Sessions

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CQR is pleased to announce a series of appointments available to postgrad (Masters or PhD) and academic researchers considering using qualitative methods for their projects.

 The half-hour sessions with Centre for Qualitative Research Director, Dr. Kip Jones, will take place over the summer at Royal London House, Lansdowne. Anyone who is thinking of using qualitative methods and would like more information, support from CQR members, or links to  resources, are welcome to book a half-hour session to discuss their project and get feedback.
Too often research projects jump into using qualitative methods of research such as interviewing, observing, etc. without really having any background in the method or training for it. When it comes time for Vivas or publications, often these projects do not then meet expectations.  What CQR hopes to do is ensure that qualitative projects of any kind carried out at BU are vigorous.  This is the reason behind the surgeries (as well as plans for future Centre for Qualitative Research seminars and masterclasses).
It is easy to book a slot for a session. Simply email Kip (kipworld@gmail.com) stating the date of either a Tuesday (10-12 noon) or a Wednesday (1-3 pm) over the summer when you can be available. You will get an email back with your timeslot for the particular date.

CQR members have expertise in a wide range of methods. We hope through this surgery process to connect you up with a particular resourceful person.
Research as Film/Film as Research
Grounded Theory
Performance Poetry
Focus Groups
Participatory Action Research
Biographic Narrative Interpretive Method
Appreciative Inquiry
Arts-based methods
Telephone interviews
Questionnaire design
Performance Poetry
Performative Social Science