Research and Knowledge Exchange Development Framework – funding from the academies

We have previously posted about the Research and Knowledge Exchange (RKE) Development Framework. Here we introduce another of the pathways: that dedicated to funding from the UK academies (British Academy and Royal Society).

British Academy logoThere will be a range of sessions relating to the academies, including online introductions to the Royal Society and British Academy, and a bid writing retreat for those applying to the British Academy small grants scheme. We plan to invite the funders in to present to BU academic colleagues about their organisation and their schemes, and we’ll also be running a session giving information and examples relating to building partnerships and working with stakeholders. More events will be added to this pathway in 2017-18 as well.

Royal SocietyWe’ll be populating the the OD website with more information and the booking link over the coming weeks. We’ll also be providing a timetable of all events as soon as possible. In the meantime, updates will be posted on the BU research blog and the Faculty blogs.