One Response to “BREXIT Bombshells at BU: WAN’s emergency Open Meeting”

  1. Cees J.M. Lanting

    Here a few comments:

    1. I think most European researchers would like to continue to work with their British counterparts

    2. I think Brexit will not happen, nobody want to take responsibility for the consequences see also

    3. for your own financial safety and to avoid to become the pariahs of European research, start pressing the UK Government for water tight agreements followign the Swiss modell on funding UK research in case of a Brexit: this is double cutting sword, as it will make Brexit problems more visible, helping to prevent a Brexit, and in case of a Brexit you are safe and the European cooperation is safeguarded

    4. About the Referendum: I think the Chinese Leadership would have stated that the HK and UK is not yet ready for democracy . . . at least its leadership is not.
    And they would not be completely wrong: a referendum that ends up dividing the country will make few happy (of course Farage being one of them)