Call for abstracts – Marine Protected Areas: Science, Policy & Management

Climate change, policy developments such as Brexit and progress in marine science all contribute to a fast changing context for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). This conference aims to examine the current issues from a variety of perspectives at a time when questions on the future approaches to MPA’s are the subject of policy development. Contributions are welcome from individual practitioners, NGOs, statutory and governmental organisations as well as from academia.

Abstracts of papers and posters are invited ranging from original scientific research reports through reviews to policy analyses, critiques and management practice innovations. Both UK and comparative international perspectives are welcome on all forms of Marine Protected Area.

While abstracts may focus on specific MPAs, especially when the subject matter is of wider relevance, submissions which examine or exemplify general issues such as the relationship between scientific evidence, policy and management, or the balance between conservation and socio-economics are also encouraged. The conference will result in a published proceedings volume with the prospect also of themed journal publication for suitable peer reviewed papers.

The Estuarine & Coastal Sciences Association and Poole Harbour Study Group are jointly organising the conference on ‘Marine Protected Areas: Science, Policy & Management’ from Monday 15th – Wednesday 17th May 2017 in Poole. This will also coincide with a week of European Maritime Port festivities and culminate in Poole Boat Show.

Full details about abstract submission can be found here.

Conference themes

  • The science of Marine Protected Areas
  • MPA’s and fisheries: Policy & practice
  • Climate change, non-indigenous species and marine conservation
  • Post Brexit UK policy and European Marine Sites
  • Recreational & commercial pressures: Impacts & solutions
  • Water quality, nutrients, and eutrophication

For more details, contact Dr Roger Herbert.