LES undergraduate receives grant for the restoration of marine protected area in Bali

Zach Boakes, a second year Environmental Science student has received funding from the Society of Conservation Biology to continue his placement work into the restoration and protection of the marine environment on the Indonesian Island of Bali.

As part of his placement, Zach co-founded an NGO with Balinese locals and established a marine protected area, designed to help with the problems of pollution and overfishing. Some of this work has involved the construction of artificial sections of reef (pictured), designed to restore structural complexity and encourage recruitment of coral, fish and other marine organisms.

Zach says: “The money is vital to allow us to create 50 more artificial reef sections and to help restore the area to how it was before it became so damaged. The project is ongoing, with both locals and volunteers monitoring the reef and contributing to the education of the local community.”

More about the project can be found at: https://northbalireefconservation.com/