MRC offers tips for writing a grant review – useful for all!

bu-internal-peer-review-scheme-for-your-research-proposalAre you involved in reviewing funding applications? Or do you provide feedback to colleagues on their research bid? If so, some tips from the MRC for writing a useful review of a funding application may come in handy.

The full details can be found here but, in summary, they are:

  1. Know which scheme is being applied to, and check the guidance.
  2. Make it professional, not personal.
  3. Be clear and concise.
  4. Point out both strengths and weaknesses, including the implications.
  5. If a proposal is good, say so – and why.
  6. Evidence your feedback.
  7. Be aware of unconscious bias.
  8. Give yourself enough time to read the proposal properly before writing the review.