CQR lunchtime seminars “In Conversation … ”Auto-ethnography and Auto-biography” next Wednesday


Following  on from the very successful (and jam packed!) earlier seminars, the Centre for Qualitative Research “In Conversation …”  series continues with

Auto-ethnography and Auto-biography

presented by

Judith Chapman and Sarah Collard

Wed., 7 December, Royal London House 201 at 1 pm.

 Mark your diaries now and join us for an intriguing conversation!

Because CQR is keen to make information available to students and staff about qualitative METHODS, the seminars are arranged somewhat differently than the typical lunchtime seminar.

We are asking TWO (or more) presenters to agree to present each research method as a CONVERSATION…first, between each other, and then with the audience.  We are also asking that no PowerPoint be used in order that it is truly a conversation and NOT a lecture. The conversations will be about a particular research method and its pros and cons, NOT research projects or outcomes.

Many of us then move next door to RLH to Naked Cafe to continue the conversations and network. Faculty and Students invited to attend!

See you next Wednesday at Royal London House 201 at 1 pm.  Students and Staff are Welcome!!

One Response to “CQR lunchtime seminars “In Conversation … ”Auto-ethnography and Auto-biography” next Wednesday”

  1. Melsia Tomlin-Kräftner

    I cannot make it!! Is there a possibility you can repeat this next year or send me a recording of the discussions. Auto-ethnography forms a part of my research thesis. Any suggestions appreciated.