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Bournemouth University to host workshop exploring the future of trade agreements post-Brexit

A workshop at the Commonwealth Secretariat, organised by Bournemouth University (BU), will explore the impact of Brexit on trade policy and agreements.The two-day workshop, Navigating the Evolving Free Trade Agreements Landscape: Implications of Brexit, will take place in London on 6 and 7 February 2017.

It will feature international speakers from a range of academic and professional backgrounds around the theme of trade policy post-Brexit, with a keynote address by Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP.

Mr Clifton-Brown MP is the Co-Chair of International Trade and Investment All Party Parliamentary Group and will discuss the UK’s trade priorities in 2017.

Deliberations throughout the workshops will focus in particular on Brexit issues including consequences for global trade relations, public procurement, and the perspective of businesses.

The workshop is part of an Economic and Research Council (ESRC) funded research project entitled ‘Transformations in Global Governance: Integration via Free Trade Agreements’ (GIFTA).

It is being held jointly with the Commonwealth Secretariat in London, and will feature four Round Table discussions and several paper presentations on Brexit and the future of trade policy.

Professor Sangeeta Khorana, Professor of Economics at BU, is the Principal Investigator of the ESRC research project.

She said: “The aim of the workshop is to improve evidence-informed policy and practice by facilitating mutual engagement between academic, business and policy communities around current and future policy needs following the vote to Brexit.”

Find out more about the ESRC research project on the GIFTA website