Nursing Research Cluster Membership

The Nursing Research Cluster came into being in May 2016 and following some scoping of members’ expertise and areas of interest in the context of contemporary nursing and health care, our focus from autumn 2017 will concern Nursing and long-term health challenges.  The cluster brings together academics with passion, expertise and reputation in nurse education and research for impact on patient benefit and the preparation of a resilient workforce to support healthy communities.  It is led by a core group of very experienced researchers with high level collaborations nationally and internationally.  It will support and build the reputation of nursing research at Bournemouth University and enable many more staff to achieve a fused portfolio of activity for Ref 2021.

Managing people with long-term conditions is a significant challenge for the UK and global health community.  As the largest professional group in health care, nursing has a major role to play.  Colleagues at BU have been researching leadership, workforce development and value-based nurse education, as well as issues pertaining to long-term conditions such as cancer and chronic obstructive airway disease (COPD).  The aim is to bring these three strands together to form a synergy to establish a clear framework for research activity that supports the development of a nursing workforce capable of meeting the challenges of changing patterns of health need in the coming decades.

Moving forward cluster members will develop and lead distinct research themes to provide a clear framework for nursing research at BU.  The potential for collaborative activity with FHSS research groups is clearly evident and to be encouraged. However the unique focus of this group is the nursing contribution towards healthy communities, particularly for those living with long-term conditions.


Sue Baron; Emma Bockle; Teresa Burdett; Ian Donaldson; Katherine Curtis; Sarah Eales; Helen Farasat; Martin Hind; Janet James; Eleanor Jack; Anneyce Knight; Andy Mercer; Sam Porter; Elizabeth Rosser; Janet Scammell; Lucy Stainer; Desiree Tait; Stephen Tee; Sharon Waight


Petra Brown; Sonya Chelvanayagam; Karen Cooper; Nikki Glendening; Sue Melling; Jill Phillips; Ashley Spriggs

Associate members

Michele Board; Jonny Branney; Lisa Gale-Andrewes, Vanessa Heaslip; Peter Thomas; Andy Powell; Sara White

External members (associates)

Debbie Streeter (DHC)