HSS Research Areas Membership 2018

Nearly two thirds of FHSS academics are now members of research entities. You are encouraged to join a research cluster, centre or institute in order to access support and maximise your research. Please click on the links to find further details about the research entities and current membership.

Ageing & Dementia Research Centre (ADRC)

Centre Heads: Prof Jane Murphy / Prof Jan Weiner

Deputies: Dr Michele Board / Dr Ben Hicks


Bournemouth University Clinical Research Unit (BUCRU)

Centre Heads: Prof Peter Thomas / Prof Tamas Hickish

Deputy: Dr Sarah Thomas


BU iWell

Centre Head: Dr Steve Trenoweth

Deputy: Prof Ann Hemingway


Centre for Midwifery, Maternal & Perinatal Health (CMMPH)

Centre Head: Prof Edwin van Teijlingen

Deputy: Dr Sue Way


Centre for Qualitative Research (CQR)

Centre Head: Dr Kip Jones

Deputy: Dr Caroline Ellis-Hill


National Centre for Post-qualifying Social Work (NCPQSW)

Centre Head: Prof Keith Brown


Nursing long term health care challenges

Cluster Head: Dr Janet Scammell


Orthopaedics Research Institute

Institute Head: Prof Rob Middleton

Deputy: Tom Wainwright


Seldom Heard Voices: Marginalisation and Societal integration

Centre Head: Prof Lee-Ann Fenge

Deputies: Dr Mel Hughes / Dr Stephanie Schwandner-Sievers